Writing Resources

This is a picture of my class at Breadloaf  (The workshop leader was Charles Baxter, and the fellow was Pam Erens).

To get me started -- I attended both online and in-person classes through Gotham:

The instructors know what they are doing - and the value and format are enough to teach you the craft no matter where you are at.  My novel started here.

When my novel was drafted, and I really needed to workshop it consistently, I turned to NYU:

Elizabeth Tippens was my instructor, and I learned more that summer than I did on my own during five years of craft lessons/research, and one-off seminars.  She was fantastic.

I attended several writers conferences to learn, network, socialize, have fun, and more often than not - commiserate.  This is not easy !

  • Backspace  (Where I first met an agent..for real...)
  • Wesleyan Writers Conference (Where I learned writers can also dance & party)
  • Grub Street  (Craft Lessons Galore !) 
  • Breadloaf  (The BEST ! --  Inspiration ! Insipriation ! Inspiration! + the Barn - where many a cocktail was had)