Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's too hot to write!

It is July, but it feels like August, the heat wave is putting today's temp very close to 100.

This is lay-in-your-hammock reading weather, not really sit at your keyboard and smash your head against the screen writing kind of day.

But I did get up and crank out 500, halfway to my target for the day.

And I lost some hours watching the tour de france too.

Boy, I would I love to get a writing assignment that has me crisscrossing the Pyrenees, drinking beer, waving flags, and driving cool little European cars.

Some wishes, may come true, we'll see!

That's it.

*actually,  a little bit more ---> just pulled down the shades, shut-off the lights, just a tiny desk lamp lights up my space. Much more writerly than the bright sun and searing heat of July.

Feels like Seattle. Or a Vegas Casino.

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