Sunday, January 5, 2014

Around the bend

Still here.

2013 was not bad.  I completed a 50K novel as well as a 10K short story.  Not prolific, but with the tugs of work  & family  pulling in all directions, I’m still pleased I stayed with my craft.  Also, I started a book club at work for no other reason than I enjoy talking about the books I’m reading and discovering new books that I wouldn’t normally have known about myself.  We’re still finding our way in the club, but we did manage to read Swamplandia!, Gone Girl, Night Film, and the Circle in just a few months time.   In full disclosure, I should mention our discussions are taken over copious amounts of red wine & apps.

Looking at 2014, I am revisiting my first novel, I felt I have learned much along the way with my reading and writing and have grown enough that I can do it justice with a rewrite.    I also want to step it up a notch, and attend something with a little more filtering than the open enrollment conferences I usually attend.   I try not to make it too many loft goals, it’s a long road, and one I’ve committed to, so it will take it just on step at the time, looking forward to discovering what lies just around the bend.

Talk soon.

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