Sunday, June 10, 2012

Reading List

last year, I read alot of NPR-type books, including Freedom, the Passage, the Astral, and many other books that were full of wonderful prose, but very, in my opinion, depressing.  With the exception of State of Wonder - which was adventerous, literate, and came to a conclusion that was just perfect, not depressing, but  not totally a happy ending either.

This year, I seem to be more in the mainstream having completed The Last Werewolf (Wonderful!), the Steve Jobs Biography, Habits (non-fiction), and Clash of Kings.  I read Game of Thrones, but only made my way through 30 % of Clash of Kings before I punched out. Maybe I will return to it, maybe not, but I just couldn't keep up with so many characters.  Maybe more my lack of attention span these days than the work itself.

On deck are the following books: India becoming (non-fiction), Alif the unseen, Player One Ready, Canada, Gone Girl.  I am happy with this  list - diverse.

My reading habits are equally diverse, I read in hardcover, paperback, kindle e-reader, iPad, iPhone, and audible.  Anything I can do, to read anywhere, at anytime.

Oh, also I am reading the first Harry Potter book to my kids aloud, this may be the most important reading habit of all.

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