Saturday, December 29, 2012

It wasn't my best reading year.   Maybe it was the eReader, which makes it so easy to abandon books because the physical presence of a book doesn't guilt you into picking it up and muscling through early pages.

Maybe its somehow that I'm changing as a reader, turning prematurely snobby against best sellers. But more than anything, it was probably due to a too busy schedule and too little time; if a  book didn't grab me instantly, if I didn't make early progress, more than likely I wouldn't make it through.

I should note that I did this with the Dragon Tattoo books.  I had at least three false starts before one day, I started focusing on them and then made it through all three in a month

Here's a rundown.

India becoming --  A well acclaimed book that I recommend constantly too others but I did not read yet.  Moved to the 2013 list.

Alif the unseen -- Picked up the hardcover at a bookstore in  Penn Station, which has now actually become my main bookstore ever since Borders closed.  100 pages in, you'd think I would make it the rest of the way; but I just wasn't getting into it.   Paused.

Player one ready  - Right up my geeky alley.  Read it and enjoyed it. 

Gone girl  --- Fun read (sort of).   Liked the snappy writing.  Good stuff.
Canada  --- Made it all the way through, and thoroughly impressed myself.  But not sure I got this one either, other than that it made me very very sad
The Power of Habit -- A great nonfiction read.   Covers the spectrum of personal to corporate habits.  The corner stone habit is the key takeaway.  Maybe worthwhile to read twice.  Its a life changer.

You are not doing it right -- Impulsive buy.  An easy read, humorous and any married guy can relate.

 Steve jobs bio  - Probably my most impressive read of the year.  Got through every word of it; and I recite the crazy stories about Steve often.

Wolf Hall -- I wanted this to be my most impressive read of the year.  I couldn't keep up with the odd use of pronouns.   Need some serious uninterrupted time to get through this, and I hear the author has a follow-up out to.  Moved to 2013.

Train dreams  -  A little wonderful novella about a hard-working man back at the turn of the century.  Goes to show its not how big the book is that matters.  Worth a reread - very good.

Broken harbor --  A clear-cut eREeder abandon.  Punched out after first ten pages.  Just not my thing. 

The Great Gatsby -- I was such a horrible student, I missed all the classics in my youth.  I was excited to find this at Target!  Read it and loved it.   Beautiful prose.   Does anyone write this well anymore ?  Excited for the upcoming movie.

I am sure there were others but I clearly need to do better than this.  I've penciled out my 2013 list - we'lll see how it goes.

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