Saturday, March 16, 2013

A little about Querying

In Query mode again -- here is what I'm picking as advice from various submittal pages:

  • Have a finished manuscript for submittal (but don't submit).
  • Follow an agent's instructions for submittal EXACTLY; the  primary one being, submit a query if your work falls into the category of what they're looking for now; which is usually on their site/blog/or twitter feed.
  • Start the letter with the agent's name; you're trying to sell something, you should know your customer.
  • Tell them why you have selected to write to them.
  • Give the title of your work, and the word count.

Spend time on your query - it shouldn't be crafted after too much wine, feeling desperate late at night.

In addition to the basics - agents are looking for:

  • Pacing
  • Voice
  • Strong Plots
  • Tell them  a LITTLE about yourself.  

 An agent may also be interested in:

  • A synopsis
  • A marketng plan
  • Why you wrote the book
  • Publishing credentials
  • Comparisons

What should not be in the query is the following:

  • Typos
  • Attachments
  • Rudeness & Arragance
  • Money

Bottom line, be professional, represent yourself well !

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